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Patents and developments

Patent for an optical centering and aligning system


The optical centering and aligning system for fully automatic high-speed notching lines (up to 1.300 spm), is used for production of electric laminations for energy industry e.g. generators for wind and water power plants or railway drives for ICE.


The requirements of the process and accuracy of this optical system are much higher than for an optical centering station of a FOL-system at XL-servo tandemlines, which is state of the art for the automotive industry. This patent is the base of the unique selling point in the market for high-speed notchinglines and servo tandemlines for SCHULER. 


Because of the optical centering and aligning system in fully automatic notching lines, customers still have tremendous economic benefits. Product costs decreased and profit increased considerably and sustainable.


Innovative punching and embossing die for windpower plant project


For one of the biggest Chinese energy technology manufacturer in Shanghai, Axel Fuchs has developed a unique punching and embossing die for segment laminations for wind- and waterpower plants. 

This solution increased the OEE and reduced production down times to zero. Again the customer could achieve a significant increase of profit at reduced product costs and with better product quality.


New concept for the Transrapid Project in China


Project with Thyssen-Krupp consortium:

Axel Fuchs developed a totally new manufacturing concept to produce complete long stator lamination packages incl. fully automatic spacer assembly and stacking in lattice boxes.


This solution meant a significant increase of the production output compared to the existing blanking equipment. The system would have reached the required performance and the necessary quality, to fulfill the tough timeline and to keep the budget.


The electric lamination packages should be plugged into the Transrapid line planned in China 2002 between Beijing and Shanghai at a distance of 1.300 km. The concept was selected and distinguished from the consortium to be implemented in case of order from China. Unfortunately the Chinese Government never realised the scheduled Transrapid line, based on the political situation at that time.


Unloading and stacking systems for high-speed blanking lines


Axel Fuchs was first on the market in implementing linear motors to drive a high-tech unloading system of a blanking line for electric laminations. Thus the production output and flexibility of this kind of equipment were increased to so far unknown dimensions. In addition and according to the requirements of the market, Axel Fuchs developed a cost optimized unloading and stacking system for blanking lines, too.




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