Business Activities

You can rely on the following which makes us unique:

  • Excellent and intelligent technology consulting
  • Quick and lasting quality improvements
  • Professional conflict management
  • Effective projectmanagement by project-mediation
  • Best practice afu-tech qualification-program
  • Professional communication
  • Successful change-processes

afu-tech has smart and holistic solutions for planning & production of today and tomorrow on worldclass level.


Our core competencies: 

consulting, project planning, engineering, projectmanagement, project-mediation, qualitymanagement (QM), processes, shopfloor management, leadership & staff qualification, communicaiton


Our business fields:

Management, press shops, press engineering, die engineering, BIW technology, mechanical engineering, forming technology, blanking technology, manufacturing technology, e-mobility, electric lamination manufacturing and logistics.


We know, that qualification and trainings are existential for the people in the production field. We recognised this many years ago and therefore invested consequently in developing our internal qualification program. Please see details at Q-Programs. Ever since it is practised successfully at customers, at last at a very famous english car manufacturer (OEM). (link to Q-program)

If you are interested in our Q-program, please give us a call at +49 7524-97 41 96 or write an e-mail via our contact template.





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business communication

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