Project Planning


"A reliable planning procedure always covers all kind of perspectives, to set the base for a successful project".       Axel Fuchs


  • Customised project planning worldwide
  • Press shops - "Greenfield" und "Brownfield"
  • Body shops - "Greenfield" und "Brownfield"
  • Development of processes, products, machines and dies
  • Preparation of technical specification
  • Production improvement
  • For the automotive and supplier industry:
    • XL tandem lines, XL blanking lines, transfer presses, try-out-presses, laser cutting lines
  •  For the electric- and energy industry:
    • Fully automatic notching- and blanking equipment for electric lamination manufacturing
    • e-mobility, e-bikes, wind- and waterpower plants
  • Planning and tracking of large dies and mould injection dies                                                               
  • Planning, implementation and tracking of equipment retrofits
  • Design tracking / follow-up / buy-off 
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