Qualitymanagement (QM)



Our objective, your benefits

  • An efficient and value oriented production process, which delivers parts according to specified quality. Such a matured process is very easy to be digitized subsequent.


Our work flow 

  • A comprehensive root cause analysis followed by a structured and precise evaluation of results. We use scientific and empiric methods and finally our huge experience, to get precious results and provide efficient solutions.
  • We act according to the S-M-A-R-T-method. This means, define and achieve targets.
    • S = Specific
    • M = Measurably
    • A = Attractive
    • R = Realistic
    • T = Terminated


afu-tech is working according to valid standards for all corresponding industrial sectors and specific regulations of QM systems and tools e.g.:


  • DIN ISO 9000 ff. :2015
  • IATF 16949 :2016
  • VDA 6.1 ff.
  • PPAP
  • FMEA
  • APQP
  • VDA



We have a comprehensive and successful approach:


TPM + TQM + PDCA + DMAIC + CIP + 5S = best quality



TotalProductiveManagement (TPM)


This means management of:

  • People
  • Equipment
  • Working environment
  • Improvment- and sustainability orientation



Total Quality Management (TQM)


TQM means comprehensive quality management and it is a management method by involvement of all organisation members, for whom quality has the highest priority. The objective of this customer first strategy is to achieve a sustainable business profit for the welfare and benefit of the organisation members and the society.



Plan – Do – Check – Act (PDCA) according to Deming and for the use of:

  • Leadership methods
  • Creativity methods
  • Visualisation methods


DMAIC – Method





The TOP 15 topics for high quality press parts


Through many years we have identified 15 main topics, which are crucial for delivery of quality at engineering, press shop, BIW and die shop and finally for high quality pressed parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies. 


At least 10 of them appear at every OEM and TIER 1+2 supplier around the globe in the mentioned areas. We detect them and deliver solutions for a lasting removal.


Only a safe and matured process offers a good potential for digitalisation and a good chance of various additional benefits.


Are you member of the board in a company group or in a medium-sized company? Are you not sure about what is good or bad for your company? Often we experience that the management is forced to start digitalisation from inside or outside. 


Please feel free to contact us. We will pinpoint your chances from our neutral perspective at short notice.


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