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Excellent & intelligent technology consulting, quick and effective quality improvements and successful projectmanagement. Since 30 years we are distinguished in our business. For that reason your projects are safe and in best hands at afu-tech.

Why we can offer real benefit - compared to many other consulting companies:

We are highly skilled with a master degree from university including special practice expertise.

Outstanding Know-how in press engineering, metal forming and manufacturing in theory & practice is one of our strengths.

- In 20 years at No.1 companies in press-, die and machine engineering we gained deep knowledge in this business. 

- Our customers worldwide benefit from more than 30 years of industry career and 15 years of special management skills. 

- We have exclusive skills in mediation and in professional conflict management. 

- We worked effectively in the VDI-committee for stamping large dies because of our technical expertise.

afu-tech is a successful international family-owned company, which celebrates its 10th company anniversary in 2020.

Since many years afu-tech is a valuable and highly appreciated business partner for the automotive and metal and plastic-industry and its suppliers. more

News: British Premium OEM benefits from afu-tech know-how


afu-tech developed and implemented successfully a pathbraking concept for quality improvement of pressed parts more

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