passion for technology

Excellent & holistic technology consulting from shopfloor up to TOP Management.

For 30 years we are distinguished in our business. For that reason your projects are in best hands at afu-tech.

Our customers highly appreciate what we are doing and especially the how

Our team members are highly skilled including special field experience and leadership qualities.


- With afu-tech you will always be one step ahead due to our predictive and responsible action.

- Take the chance and use our extraordinary skills and field experience from shopfloor up to TOP Management.

- Our power for every challenge comes from 30 years successful industry career incl.15+ years leadership experience.

- During 20 years we had crucial impact on NO. 1 companies in press-, die and machine engineering. 

- Former University teaching in forming-technology and -machines and work for VDI-committee large stamping dies.

- Our expertise in infrastructure management, e-mobility, charging and battery technology for E-cars/EDUs is stat of the art.

- You know real E-learning? We do. Ask our skilled expert for E-learning and media and education management.

- We teach you how to recognise and solve conflicts at a very early stage and how to avoid it.

- We show you what you can achieve with good communication.

- Our team is awesome, our skills are extraordinary, experience is huge, our scope is wide and references are first-class.


afu-tech is an international and successful private company. Established in 2010 by Axel Fuchs.


TOP 15 topics to get high quality pressed parts  - We know the issues and we have the solutions.


In many years we identified 15 core topics, which are most important for quality of stamping parts and process at press shop. At least 10 of them exist at every OEM and Tier 1+2 supplier around the world. We have the solution for these issues. 

Since many years afu-tech is a valuable and highly appreciated business partner for the automotive and metal and plastic-industry and its suppliers. more

News: British Premium OEM benefits from afu-tech know-how


afu-tech developed and implemented successfully a pathbraking concept for quality improvement of pressed parts more

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