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World Class in technology and consulting

afu-tech is in a class of its own

afu-tech customers highly appreciate our comprehensive analyses and Problem Solving Skills.

afu-tech is world class in analyzing and optimizing of press shop, tool shop and production worldwide.


Our mission statement


We are personalities with huge professional and life experience. Our profession as management consultants in the field of technology is our vocation. The combination of scientific and immense practical expertise and BEST PRACTICE solutions is unique.


Cutting edge technology, excellent education, profitable companies and family-friendly working conditions, ensure the prosperity and progress of our society. With our family business and our passion for technology, we want to make sure that this will remain.


Our Footprint


With our excellent expertise in key industries and our global network, we offer a stable framework for successful collaboration.


We draw our huge expertise from numerous successful consulting assignments and projects with well-known TOP companies from key industries, in different cultural areas, on four continents with different languages and customs. We have unique consulting, planning, process and manufacturing excellence confirmed by many key projects.


Your benefits


- SMEs and corporations benefit massive from our holistic performance and excellent quality in implementation.

- Always be one step ahead of your competitors - today and in the future

- We deliver BEST PRACTICE solutions.

- We are using our extraordinary skills and field experience from shopfloor up to the Board of Directors.

- Almost 40 years of successful industry career and 25 years of management experience - that is our basis.

- Energy efficiency, continuous improvement and the avoidance of any kind of waste, have always been an integral part of

  our daily work.


"We shape the future by using cutting edge technology, knowledge and our experience" - Axel Fuchs


- Digitisation of processes, subsections and entire production plants

- We do smart infrastructure management for national and global production networks. 

- Find and implement massive improvement potentials in processes along the value chain.

- Holistic and sustainable transformation of companies.

- Redesign and optimization of the supply chain 
- Highly effective qualification of people

- Conflict management, failure culture and communication structures


"afu-tech is in a class of its own - especially but not limited to press shop and tool shop" - plant manager of a premium OEM.


In terms of pressed parts quality and performance, press shops often fail to meet targets at OEMs and TIER I+II worldwide. Every year, considerable quality issues, unnecessary rework and scrapped parts in press shops result in significant additional costs for press shop owner. Especially tool engineering and in-house tool shop or tool maintenance are in focus and their responsibility as partners for the press shop.


"We improve the performance and press part quality and thus reduce costs of press shop and die shop including die maintenance considerably and sustainably- Axel Fuchs

Since 2010 afu-tech is a valuable and highly appreciated business partner for the automotive and supplier industry and for the metal and plastic-manufacturing industry as well. more

Projects - World market leader for automotive seats trust in afu-tech's expertise -- build a press shop and die shop in the desert -- benchmark for a press shop in china -- e-drive for luxury electric limousines -- ... Read more...


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