Project Management (PM)

afu-tech Methodology Pro-M (Project-Mediation)


Are you aware about this?


- Deadline delays of up to several months for strategically important projects

- Missed project goals 

- Trouble in the project team up to board level and management


This is a waste of time, money and resources.


From our perspective there are three main reasons for missing project goals


1. the technical understanding of complex processes and systems

2. Cross-sectoral correlation

3. interpersonal / sociological problems


In our experience, the PM methods known in the market do not fully meet the requirements of our time and the changed framework conditions for projects. The "Magic Triangle" with its main topics deadline, cost and quality is still the benchmark in PM, although it is one-dimensional and neglects important influencing factors that are crucial for the success of projects (see item 1-3). In complex projects, agile methods and PM according to GPM have weak points and are limited in their application. The conscious decision for a PM method is often made because it has always been done that way or because it is en vogue. Unfortunately, this complicates project work unnecessarily time and again.


Our proven solution for years - Pro-M


For the reasons mentioned above, we have developed our own best practice PM method Pro-M, to bring complex and difficult projects safely to the finish line in a structured and low-conflict manner. Pro-M incorporates the entire experience of our well experienced mediator Birgit Fuchs, incl. additional topics by manufacturing and press shop expert Axel Fuchs. 


What do we do differently?


We recognize interpersonal problems very early and can defuse and avoid conflicts with the professional help of our mediator.
We demand and promote good quality communication and constructive criticism and act quickly when action is needed. After intensive analysis, we have therefore developed a solution that takes into account all the essential factors (see points 1-3 above) of projects and does justice to a meaningful cooperation of people.


Why should you work with us?


The successful management of a complex project is highly demanding and always requires excellent and interdisciplinary skills and a manager with leadership experience (see points 1-3 above). It is also important to use the right tools and effective methods. For this reason, we have been successfully using our PM methodology Pro-M in complex projects for many years.


We are far superior to many companies in PM of strategic and difficult projects.




Your projects are in best hands at afu-tech.

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