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we do GPM-method, Scrum or our afu-tech method Project-Mediation (Pro-Med)


For years we observe that project work is getting more and more worse, in the automotive industry and in the supplier industry as well. There are many reasons for that. We identified technical, economical and especially social context as key-factors which are fundamental for successful projects. Currently no PM-method in the market meets the requirements above, according to our experience. For that reason we developed our own PM-method Project-Mediation. Project-Mediation is absolutely best practice for big (strategic) projects with high complexity and difficulties, to achieve targets and avoid conflicts with respect to the key-factors. A successful Project-Mediaton process can only be implemented by a team consisting of a highly skilled businessmediator and a highly skilled technical expert with strong leadership qualities (m/w). afu-tech has exactly those specialists and this know-how. We are experts in Project-Mediation.


During the past 20 years a lot of neologism and PM-methods have been brought into the market. All agile methods have significant disadvantages, which are huge roadblocks for successful project results again and again. The so-called „magic triangle“ covers only one dimension and neglects important parameter which often have an essential impact on projects. We support constructive criticism and we act and change things, if there is a need for it and because we can. As a result we developed a new comprehensive method for successful project work, which covers the three mentioned key factors and it is a main part of the Project-Mediation procedure. Ever since we use this method successfully in our daily work. In a bigger context this module promotes the meaningful work of people.


We heard about some projects at car manufacturers, suppliers and from the aerospace industry, where unnecessarily a heavy lot of money has been wasted and vast time delays have been accepted. This is pure waste of money, time, ressources and quality and finally leads to big troubles and upset people at all levels from shopfloor to TOP-Management. These are not only individual cases.


Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in a confidential, neutral and independent evaluation of your project.


Your projects are in safe and trustful hands at afu-tech.


afu-tech method Project-Mediation. Look and see!

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