We are personalities with huge professional and life experience. Technology runs like a thread through our lives. That is the reason why our profession as consulting engineers in the field of technology is our vocation. The combination of scientific and immense practical expertise and BEST PRACTICE solutions is unique.


We draw our huge expertise from numerous successful projects with well-known TOP companies from key industries, in different cultural areas, on four continents with different languages and customs.


Board of Directors/ TOP Management


We advise in the run-up to new investments in new production sites and the latest plant and machine technology as well as in retrofits in existing production sites and in complex infrastructure projects. We prepare studies & analyses as well as due diligence reports for investors in company investments and are significantly involved in the restructuring and realignment of individual organizational units and entire companies.


Often our consulting assignments are important strategic projects directly sponsored by the board of directors. Accordingly, the reporting line is directly with the board of directors, the management or the management of the division.


Shopfloor up to TOP Management


Divisions: press shop, die shop, maintenance (Presses and dies), BIW, Trim & Final (assembly)



Planning and optimizing press shops, RFQs and specifications for equipment, shopfloor management, quality management, supplier management, trainings, CIP, KAIZEN, 5S (5A), industrialization and validation of processes and manufacturing lines in the automotive industry acc. to VDA PPF.


afu-tech is in a class of its own in planning, analyzing and effectively optimizing the performance of stamping plants, die shops / die maintenance and body shops, as well as stamping and forming processes and the entire process chain.


Through our studies, in which we have fully analyzed our projects, we have been able to prove the enormous impact of the 15 biggest issues, among others, on poor performance, quality and excessive costs in the stamping plant. These core issues occur in every press shop worldwide, with all their negative effects. We know the causes very well and have the solutions to fix these issues.


"We have comprehensive know-how and decades of experience in the analysis and effective implementation of counter measures. We sustainably improve the performance and the press part quality and thus reduce the costs of the press shop including die shop and die maintenance areas considerably.- Axel Fuchs


We analyze the entire picture comprehensively and precisely, and know exactly where it is important to intervene. We know the right measures for effective optimization of your processes, manufacturing methods, machines and equipment, dies and products.


Scope selection of consulting 

  • Analysis and optimization of press shop, die maintenance, die shop, BIW
  • Optimization of cost and part quality incl. stamping and forming tools and all necessary metrics
  • Optimierung der Kosten- und Bauteil-Qualität inkl. der Stanz- und Umformwerkzeuge und alle notwendigen Metrics
  • Benchmarking 
  • Supplier management, validation, lot supply
  • Procurement/Make or Buy
  • Logistics - External Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • Quality of pressed parts
  • Quality of castings incl. mega casting
  • Autonomous driving
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