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Since 2010 we are very successful in giving consulting to our customers around the globe with our distinguished knowledge and experience. Our focus is on press-, mechanical-, die- and body-engineering, metal forming, production, quality management, processes, projectmanagement, communication, businessmediation and project-mediation. We are always accomplishing high benefits and profits for our customers.


Our distinguished competence is solving and master complex problems and topics and install clear structures in short term, with the objective to ensure that people do master technology and not vice versa. This is the requirement for outstanding quality and high efficiency.


Through many years we have identified 15 main topics, which are crucial for delivery of quality at press engineering, engineering, press shop, BIW and die shop and finally for high quality components, pressed parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies. 


At least 10 of them appear at every OEM and TIER 1+2 supplier around the globe in the mentioned areas. We detect them and deliver solutions for a lasting removal.


As a family-owned company we are conscious about the fact, that people are an essential part for success in the market. For that reason our focus is always on combining technology and people to a perfect working system. This is a key to digitalisation and implementation of KI in the field of production.


The worldwide highly honoured Production- and Press-Shop-Expert and CEO Dipl.-Ing. Axel Fuchs and respected Dipl.-Communication-designer and graduated Businessmediator Birgit Fuchs, have more than 30 years of precious experience along the value chain at the world leading companies in press- and machine building industry, die building industry and body in white building industry.


Our business relations and personal behaviour is always affected by mutual respect, confidence, appreciation and reliability. These worth match with our attitude and set the tone for our thinking and action.


afu-tech makes the difference, definitely!

Your benefits:


Our consulting is like a tailor made suit. Perfect fit, best quality and long life


We look at things from all perspectives, this is the way to success for projects and processes


We set standards, perform strongly and achieve targets


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