world class consulting and technology for automotive, supplier and metal industry


This is our team


- The worldwide highly honoured manufacturing and press shop expert, CEO Dipl.-Ing. Axel Fuchs.

- The respected Senior Manager, business mediator (DHBW) and communication design graduate Birgit Fuchs.
- The experienced Senior Manager and expert for media and education management B.A. Ann-Marie Fuchs.
- The experienced expert for infrastructure and construction management, Senior Manager M.Eng Mario Fuchs.


We have been successful in the business for 40 years, because we are deeply familiar with the most important branches of industry and have left lasting marks. World market and technology leaders in the automotive and supplier industry, forming technology and press construction, mechanical and plant engineering, toolmaking and body plant construction have benefited from our know-how for many years.


We added intelligent infrastructure management, structural and industrial engineering, highly qualified employee training and business mediation to our portfolio, thus we positioned our company quite well for the future.


We offer world class consulting and state-of-the-art technology worldwide, thus achieving sustainable significant benefits and profits for our customers.


What makes afu-tech special?


Entrepreneurial thinking and acting has been an important part of our family tradition for many generations. We are personalities with great professional and life experience. Long stays and travels in many countries of the world and the successful completion of orders all over the world already at a young age show our great intercultural experience.


We bring our experience from numerous successful projects with many well-known TOP companies from different industries, cultural areas, on four continents with different languages and customs. 


We are outstanding in our areas of expertise. The ability to think and act in a quite comprehensive and cross-divisional manner is the basis of our holistic approach.


We are first-class in analyzing, evaluating and improving the performance of press shops, tool shops, body shops and complete production networks on all continents. We analyze complex data and information in a special way to derive the best decisions for effective improvement measures. 
We listen to our customers and communicate clearly and unambiguously. We speak the language of our customers at all levels, from shopfloor to TOP management worldwide.


Our fields of activity


Automotive, press shop, tool shop, body shop, trim & final, press engineering, mechanical engineering, stamping and forming technology, production, quality-management, infrastructure management (incl. industrial construction), processes, project management, communication and business mediation, training and e-learning, calculation of footprint incl. energy efficiency of production plants.

E-mobility, EV/PHEV, industrialization and validation of EDU production processes and production equipment, LV and HV wiring harnesses, electrical lamination production for wind and hydro power plants/atomic power plants/EV and industrial drives/E-bikes, charging and battery technology, E/E processes and systems, software test management and logistics (External) Warehouse Management).


What has changed in recent years?


"Those who understand proven technologies and processes, can develop them further in a quick, meaningful and economic way" - Axel Fuchs 


At many OEM's and Tier I there is a loss of technical knowledge and especially experience in proven technologies and processes. Electric Vehicles (EV/PHEV), driving assistance systems, battery technology, charging technology and infrastructure require new skills. Thanks to our holistic expertise, we are very well prepared and can successfully handle challenging projects at all levels.


Our focus


As a family-owned consulting company, we understand that people and cutting-edge technology are the critical building blocks for a company's success. Therefore, our focus is always that technology and people complement each other in the best possible way to ensure the profitability of companies.


afu-tech - holistic, innovative and reliable.

Your benefits:


We give individual consulting. We will only give proposals acc. to your needs, which help to achieve your targets.


We deliver impressive benefits 


We set standards, perform strongly to achieve targets


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