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The worldwide highly honoured Production- and press-shop-expert, Dipl.-Ing. Axel Fuchs, CEO and respected Dipl.-Communication-designer and graduated Businessmediator Birgit Fuchs, have more than 30 years of huge and precious experience along the value chain at the world leading companies in press- and machine engineering, die engineering and BiW engineering industry.


Since our establishment in 2010 we are successful in giving trustful consulting to our customers around the globe. We are always accomplishing high benefits and profits for our customers.


Our distinguished skills

We are strong personality with huge experience in life and business. Our technical and technological skills are immense. Our distinguished skills are holistic thinking, responsible and forward-looking action and doing intelligent evaluation on huge and complex amount of data and information to find and derive proper decisions.

We are listening to our customers and communicate straight and unambiguous. We are speaking the same language as our customers at all level from shopfloor up to the Board of Directors.


Our main business areas are automotive industry, press shops, press-, mechanical-, die- and body-engineering, blanking and stamping, production, quality management, processes, projectmanagement, communication, businessmediation and project-mediation. 


The focus of our work has slightly changed in the past years. We can see a loss of knowledge and experienece at the OEMs staff. Electric Vehicel (EV/PHEV), battery technology, charging technology and infrastructure require new skills. Due to our holistic expertise, we are well prepared and able to handle challenging projects at all level successfully.


Consulting for leadership from shopfloor to the Board of Directors

Shopfloor management, Q-management, supplier management, E-learning, trainings, CIP, KAIZEN, optimisation/process development and digitisation of processes. afu-tech is second to none in planning, analysing and improving of stamping and blanking processes and finally optimising the performance of press shops. Of course we are doing complete implementation, too.


Consulting the Board of Directors

We are involved previously to new investments in new production equipment, technology and retrofits as well, either in existing or new production plants and for important infrastructure projects. We do studies and analyses and we create due dilligence reports for company investors of merger processes


Within a short period we can analyse issues and topics very precise and offer economic solution. We fix issues and install clear organisational and operational structures. The objective is to ensure that people do master technology and not vice versa. This is the requirement for outstanding quality and high efficiency of companies.


In the past 10 years we have identified 15 main topics, which are crucial for delivery of high quality pressed parts from the press shop to the body shop, for high quality components, sub-assemblies and assemblies. Many OEM and TIER I+II supplier around the globe are struggling with issues in at least 10 out of the 15 topics. We detect the issues and we know the root-cause and deliver sophisticated solutions for a lasting removal of the issues.


As a family-owned company we are conscious about the fact, that people are an essential part for success in the market. For that reason our focus is always on combining technology and people to a perfect working system. This is a key to digitalisation and implementation of KI in the field of production.


We believe that success always needs learning for life, mutual respect, confidence, appreciation and reliability. These values match with our attitude and set the tone for our thinking and action.


afu-tech - holistic, innovative and reliable.

Your benefits:


We will give individual consulting to you. We will only give proposal to you acc. to your needs, which helps to achieve your company target.


Our holistic concept will deliver highest benefit, beause we always analyse the complete process, but only optimize your system acc. to your needs.


We set standards, perform strongly and achieve targets


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