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In the course of our career, we ourselves have experienced a number of training courses. Many of them do not meet the requirements and the purpose of a good training. This certainly has to do with the fact, that the trainers often cannot draw on their own practical experience or report on it. As far as the quality of a training is concerned, a company should not save money in the wrong place. Every good training is an investment in the future of your company.


We offer knowledge proven in practice and many years of experience. This means BEST PRACTICE solutions from the best.

We exclusively train topics and contents in which we have profound practical experience. We focus our training and education on the four topics of technology, people, management and quality management. Our focus in every training or workshop is always the practical applicability of what is learned and thus the benefit for the participants and in the end for the company. 


Important for us is the exact analysis of the weak points and from this we derive the topics of the training.

+ Defining topics

+ Training / training documents

+ Success control

+ Participant certificate


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Blanking- and forming equipment


Die shop - stamping - forming - fine blanking


Stamping- and forming technology


Manufacturing technology 


Joining technology - cold - warm


body in white - automobile industry












Leadership in Changeprocesses













Problem Solving Process


Roote Cause-Analyse


Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)


5A, 5W, 5 Why


KAIZEN, Kanban etc.



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